Autumn Approaches

Pontoon boat on trailer, Trees beginning to turn.

Early Autumn- As the trees think about changing colours, boat owners think about keeping their boats safe at home.

With the Lighthouse closed on Mondays we snuck down to our friendly neighbourhood Dairy Queen on Main Street (Or is that Union Street there?) and brought our ice cream back to the boat launching park. The Saint John River was in a happy reflective mood and Friendly Boat Owners were guiding their craft onto trailers and preparing to take them home for the winter ahead.

Fredericton, Saint John River, Sea Gulls,Launching Area..

Gulls in a straight line formation near the boat launch area. Old Train Bridge- now a Walking Bridge, spans the reflective Saint John River. Several Buildings in the down town area are visible. Some are reflected.

We were happy to see that quite a few others were taking advantage of this beautiful evening to sit and watch the river flow, while the Gulls acted out their Sea Gull ways. Boats near the south shore kicked up a wonderful straight line wake while we were happy to relax and feel the magic of the moment.

Park, Walking trail, couple, Rocks. Early Autumn Trees.

Trees in this park on the North Side of the Saint John River are just beginning to turn. Couples of all ages take advantage of a beautiful warm evening for a quiet walk in the park.

Even the rocks seem to be happily day dreaming.

Saint John River Looking toward Westmoreland Bridge on an Early Autumn Evening.

The River looks bigger “in Real Life”. As leaves begin to turn colours, the park and all its visitors holds its (and their) breath and smile and enjoy Life and Nature’s Beauty.

At one point, on this evening, the love of my life turned to me with a smile almost too big to keep to herself and said, “I still have trouble believing we’re really here.”




A Lighthouse for Ice Cream?

Light House Ice Cream Vendor

This Lighthouse Sells really good Ice Cream, & fires my curiosity. What is its History?

We’ve been to this lighthouse twice for Ice Cream since we moved here. You climb to a large deck and then enter the building to select and buy your ice cream then find a table on the deck to sit and enjoy. & Right now, I’m wondering why I never asked anybody about this lighthouse’s history or significance or any of that, I just accepted the fact that Fredericton has this lighthouse that sells really good Ice Cream. There’s a facebook page:

And  the facebook page says it is a museum and will be closed until Friday. It calls itself “Lighthouse on the Green” And is at 615 Queen Street. I saw another ad that said the ice cream was home made.