Early Morning Fog

Thursday, 24 October, 2013.

Fog on the water near Sunrise.

You can see a layer of fog clinging to the St John River here, looking South / West from the junction of Gibson Street and Union Street. (taken with a Samsung Galaxy III ‘Smart Phone’)

Cars slowly crossing bridge in Early Morning Traffic.

This is a line of cars backed up in the right hand lane, southbound, on the Westmorland Bridge.

Clouds and fog in Fredericton

This photograph was taken at ten minutes to 8 on the south side of the river, heading into the sunrise.

The above two photographs aren’t quite identical, you might have to look closely to notice the fog on the river above.

My life partner (can’t get used to calling her my ‘wife’) is still discovering new things to love about Fredericton, almost every day. Scenery that natives would take for granted appears magically spectacular to both of us. I’ve lived near beaches before and driving near beaches and some rivers, like this one, you can see that it’s never quite the same scene twice.


Finally got a decent photo of the footbridge

Monday, 21 October, 2013.

Footbridge, backlighted by early morning sunlight.

The lighting was just right to get a decent photograph of the footbridge (which used to be a railroad bridge) in Fredericton.

I took the above with my usual Olympus digital camera. (Which I bought for half price at a Shoppers Drug Mart as a Boxing Day Special.) This was at about 8:30 this morning (I get to appreciate our changing scenery in different lighting as I’ve been driving my favourite person back and forth to work while our second vehicle is awaiting parts at one of our two local Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealers.)

South side of Fredericton beyond St John River.

This is a bit to the right of the bridge, looking at the Down Town section of Fredericton, where the light was almost as friendly as it was to the bridge.

One thing I’ve noticed in the last couple days, is some white ‘stripes’ on the river, parallel to the south shore. I have no idea what might cause that, but it is intriguing. (And no, you can’t see those here.)

Kilarney Lake

Sunday, 20 October, 2013.

park with lake and walking trail.

Kilarney Lake Park has some pet friendly walking trails.

We went looking for Kilarney Lake. It’s just up St Mary’s Street from the Smart Centre. This was on a beautiful Sunday in October, at a little after 4 pm. There were several families there, enjoying the park. On a map that was posted there we saw Walking Trails that might run from this park to Canada Street. (It’s hard to say because the map does not show whether the trails continue through a small bit of private land that separates sections of public parklands.) There were several happy dogs walking their humans on the trails here.

Park with lake and beach.

Kilarney Lake Park, looking toward the beach area and most of the lake.

Being October, no people were swimming here, (there were ducks and geese enjoying the water) but the water was clear and it looks like a wonderful place to bring kids and splash up a storm in the summer.

Kilarney Lake, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Kilarney Lake (taken with a Samsung Galaxy III ‘Smart Phone’)

From where we were standing we couldn’t get the whole lake in one photograph, but this is a pretty good portion of it. And you can see how clear the water is. My favourite spouse tested the water (with her hand) and said it was a bit on the chilly side.

Wild Clouds This Afternoon

Saturday, 19  October, 2013,

Grey clouds near the ground near Regent Shopping Centre.

There were some intense clouds very close to the ground this afternoon between 3 and 4 pm here.

The clouds this afternoon were fairly spectacular.

Clouds at the Regent street mall.

Some of the clouds looked like they were flowing up out of the ground.

We couldn’t quite capture the look and feel of the weather this afternoon, but this is close.

Thanksgiving Dinner At Kings Landing

—October 12, 2013— King’s Landing Historical Settlement

(( On Monday, October 14, our friends in the USA will celebrate Columbus Day. In Canada, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. ))

Village in sunlight ahead.

The Village, Period Buildings Rescued and moved to “King’s Landing” where Re-Enactors in period dress don’t mind explaining their lifestyle to silly 21st Century folks. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We heard about King’s Landing Historical Settlement Near Fredericton, New Brunswick. (Not the city in the television series “Game Of Thrones” – Based on George RR Matin’s seven book series “Song of Ice and Fire”.)

Shadowed Wagon Driver and Autumn Scenery

A Wagon Driver made room for passengers and gave us a ride down the hill to the Settlement Village. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We also heard that this weekend before Canadian Thanksgiving Day would be the final weekend of this season that the theme park would be open.

—The spouse of my dreams had been to “Upper Canada Village” and wanted to see King’s Landing.

Horse Drawn Wagon with passengers.

A Local Wagon Owner is happy to give you a ride up or down the hill in the Settlement of King’s Landing.

—We realized that the King’s Head Inn was a real restaurant that actually served food, and thought we’d get a sandwich and a coffee.

Waitress in period dress serving Thanksgiving Dinner.

Properly attired women serve really good food to oddly dressed people and have the uncommon decency not to point out the fact that we are, dressed very strangely according to 19th Century eyes. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We didn’t realize that this was a real Restaurant that would serve a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. We got lucky.


Thanksgiving Dinner as served at the King’s Head Inn. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

Map (closed)

This is a Map of the Historical Settlement. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—After dinner, we didn’t have long to explore the village. But we did take a walk down beside a farmer’s fields (with a scarecrow), took a peek into the Blacksmith’s Barn, Stepped inside an authentic General Store, Had a very nice talk with a caretaker at a genuine Anglican Church, and made it back up the hill in time to buy a very nice tapestry type blanket.

Farm near river with authentic scarecrow.

This is the farm closest to the river, complete with a realistic scarecrow.

wagon and carriage and tableand chairs inside a barn

Inside the Blacksmith’s Barn. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

One side of the General Store

One wall inside the General Store. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

Another side of the General Store.

Another Wall inside the General Store. Several items appear to be hanging on a clothesline, including a portrait. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

Inside an old Anglican Church.

This is a real Anglican Church. They actually hold church services here on Sundays when the settlement is open to the public. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We had a surprisingly good time on a beautiful day and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner while we were at it.

Caught the Sunset Tonight-

Sun Setting behind Fredericton South

We caught the sunset just right tonight, and so did several other camera people, including one guy with a professional tripod and camera who got there as we were leaving.

It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen, but it came close. It had a subtle magic that kind of snuck up on us and took over, transported us to that wonderful place where suddenly your whole life is transformed by a sense of awe and wonder.

Telephoto Sunset Photo of Fredericton Tonight

Some of the shots we managed to get were pretty close to breathtaking.

Part of the problem I’m having now, is, which photos do I exclude from this?

Stones along the shoreline of the Saint John River at sunset.

I’m not sure why I took this shot, but I like the way it came out.

I’ve used Photoshop here, but just clicked on the “image/autolevels” Adjustment.

Fredericton and Footbridge at Sunset

You can’t see it in the thumbnail, but the old RailRoad Bridge (now a footbridge) is visible in the upper left quarter.

And like I said, I’m having trouble trying to decide what not to include here.

River at sunset with evidence of a stone skipped across the surface.

Widening circles from a skipped stone are visible here.

I’ve only used photos here with a human that almost certainly could not be identified.

Sunset and Reflections at Fredericton, NB, October 6th, 2013.

This is a wide angle shot of the sun setting behind Fredericton south from the boat launch area south of Gibson Street.

I better quit now.

Car Wash

Car Wash on Two Nations Crossing

This is a Car Wash on Two Nations Crossing in Fredericton North, across the road from the Smart Centre, on the same side as (and visible from) Frank’s Diner.

We’d driven past this Car Wash up the hill on Two Nations Crossing several times in the less than a months time we’ve lived in Fredericton. There are signs at this Car Wash saying [We should] “Try their Super Vacs”. … We needed a good vacuuming. We could have used a decent car wash. We were in the neighbourhood, so, we gave it a try. I think we were there at about 5 pm today (a Saturday) and we discovered that there does not seem to be anybody attending this car wash. That was almost spooky.

There are six “Do It Yourself” bays and One “Automated” drive-through bay. We opted for the Automated bay. I think we went for the “Extreme Clean”, ten dollar clean which includes an undercarriage clean. We didn’t see anybody working there, which reminded me that one Car Wash I went through had a customer who missed getting his or her tire in the right spot and the attendant needed to shut the whole system down to go into the washing area and I think he had to jack the car up with one of those big gas station rolling jacks and move the car an inch or two before that car, and those of us behind him, waiting our turn, could proceed.

Luckily, we didn’t have anything like that problem today. And maybe the tubular steel guides built into the car washing machine/apparatus would keep such a thing from ever happening here.

There is a machine that will accept Canadian Paper Money in $5, $10, or $20 denominations, or, through a different slot, It will accept a credit card. (Duh- I forget whether it would have taken a debit card or not. I’ll tell you next time-)

*** (( REPORTING BACK: We brought the Jeep up to the Car Wash on Sunday, and sorry- they don’t accept debit cards. )) ***

And after the machine accepted our money we drove (possibly over cautiously) into place and stopped, put the transmition in ‘park’, turned our engine off and watched the automated process commence. It was fun. I took photos. But it was too much fun and I didn’t take enough time to frame the photos all that well, so we will not bore you with goofy photos that need too much explanation.

The vehicle we went through this with was a Grand Caravan. There was so much sand, gravel, and bits of shredded plastic bags, and dog hair and people hair, salt, and who knows what else- that we went through 3 Two-nies worth of Supervac experience. But the Supervac did a reasonably good job. and we plan to go back tomorrow with the Jeep to clean it up as well as we can.

So, while there were no wonderful Fred-ites there to warmly welcome us to our Car Wash Experience, we did feel good about this. And also came to the conclusion that if we ever wanted to clean and wash a vehicle at some ridiculous hour, like maybe 3 am, we could probably do that here. And that’s probably a good thing.