& Ahhh- The River-

Looking South From Princess Margaret Bridge.

Our First view of the St John River was from the Princess Margaret Bridge.

Looking South from the Princess Margaret Bridge as we sped across it on our way to our Motel the first evening in Fredericton.

Cormorants On Bridge Support

If You Look Closely, There are quite a few Cormorants on the closest Ancient Bridge Support.

After seeing hundreds of sea gulls playing king of the mountain on the old bridge supports we noticed one day, a flock of Cormorants had taken over the southern most support here.

Boat Launch area with river and bridge

This is from the Boat Launching Park on the North side of the St John. The Westmoreland Bridge is in the distance.

Looking pretty much west from the Boat Launching Park on the North Side of the St John River. The Westmoreland Bridge and Hills are in the background.

Boat Launch area, River, and a bit of Downtown Fredericton in the distance.

Okay, so this photo seems to feature the parking lot at the Boat Launch Park at the foot of Gibson Street on the North Side of the River. But the river is there and so is a little bit of downtown Fredericton.

Some of the above photos play down the size or width of the St John River here, but that river played a major part in the settlement of this city and much of its history.

River, Bridge, old bridge supports

Another view of the Westmoreland Bridge, this one from the Lighthouse on the Green on the South Side.

I’m pretty sure that’s a walking trail in the foreground. The river, the old bridige supports and the Westmoreland bridge, and then a little bit of the North Side with its hills are in the background.


Walking in Fredericton

Foot Bridge

Foot Bridge over St Anne’s Point Drive.

There are paved walking trails beside rivers, gravel walking trails beside rivers and through parks and wooded areas. There are ATV and Snow Mobile trails and other, non official, walking trails that the locals know about. The old rail road bridge across the St John River has been converted to a foot bridge and this bridge, between the Lighthouse Ice Cream Parlor and Museum, and the Westmoreland Bridge is both visually interesting and functional.

Nice View of the Landscape from a foot bridge

This is one view, looking toward the Lighthouse, from the Foot Bridge over St Anne’s Point Drive.

Here’s one view from the above foot bridge, looking easterly toward the Lighthouse.