There is Truth to the Rumour that food tastes better here, especially sea food.

I’d like to organize a “Restaurants” page alphabetically. I’ll be working on that as we go here. I also want to create or get a map that has no copyright issues.

For now, if there is anything below this line, it is a Restaurant we have been to.


Frank’s Diner

Close up on Frank's Sign

Frank’s Sign as viewed from the entrance to the Parking Lot.

I believe Frank’s Finer Diner calls itself a 50’s styled Diner. It’s more than that. The first time we went there another customer told the cashier it  was his birthday. I said, “Wow, my birthday was yesterday” and shook his hand. The cashier responded, “You should come in within 7 days of your birthday and ask to see the birthday menu.” On our third visit I asked to see that menu and I think I got a free (or price reduced) fish and chips dinner, and it was very good, better than I expected. I’m beginning to believe that almost nobody outside the Maritimes knows how to cook fish right. Or maybe the taste is much better here because the fish is fresh and/or has never been frozen.

Frank's Diner, Fredericton, NB

Full view of Frank’s Diner from the entrance to their parking lot.

Like many stores and Restaurants and other public places in Fredericton, the staff at Frank’s Diner are extraordinarily friendly and welcoming. And the food is so much better in this area, you’ll wonder why you ever ate anything anywhere else.  (———Jim, Written on September 22nd, 2013)


Isaac’s Way

Isaac's Way Entrance "Comfort Foods with a Twist"
Isaac’s Way has a very understated presence on Queen Street.

Isaac’s Way is a restaurant you could easily miss if you were hurrying by in the street. That’s the Service Canada Building in the background. The sign says “Comfort Food / With a Twist” beneath the large letters “OPEN”.

Smiling person at a booth
Smiling Patron at a booth in Isaac’s Way.

Inside, the walls of Isaac’s Way are loaded with original works of art which have been donated to be raffled to benefit children’s art programmes.  (I haven’t shown any art work to avoid worrying about copyright issues.) Above, a happy patron at one of the booths in Isaac’s Way anticipates ‘Comfort Food with a Twist’. (The food is excellent, this is another case of everything tastes better in Fredericton.)

Entrance to Isaac's Way Restaurant
This is another view of the entrance to Isaac’s Way, another one of Fredericton’s unexpected Treasures.

The original Isaac’s Way, on Main Street, burned down in a fire several years ago.


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