Friday, 04 September, 2015 –

Friday, September 4th, 2015 -( 19˚C / 66˚F with “Scattered Clouds” @ 12:45 pm )- on Mike Piazza’s Birthday.

[ No, I’m not a baseball groupie, I’m a Virgo with silly memory retention on a lot of birthdays. -shrug- ]

Woman at a table enjoying a beautiful view of the St John River.

This is the view from the deck at the Lighthouse on the Green as of September 4th, 2015.

We recently sent a link from here to a restaurant mentioned way back when we began this blog. Then, looking at what we had started and noticing that we hadn’t posted much lately, with the possibility that we hadn’t posted anything at all since a storm named ‘Arthur’ had ravaged the area, in what? July of 2014? – um, we’ve been thinkin’ – that maybe we should take this blog/service a little more seriously.

Another view of the river from the deck.

I found it remarkable that when I was sitting there, looking out at the river, my imagination zoomed in and ‘cropped-out’ a lot of details this photo included. I was paying attention to the river and a little bit of green on both banks, with the hills to the north in the background. That rates a, “Hmmmm -” -jim-

We made two trips downtown today. Early in the day we paid a visit to Service Canada which is east of the Green where tourists can be treated by ‘Redcoats’ marching around with period rifles and listen to the re-enactors firing off loud volleys with ‘blank shots’. Most of the times I’ve heard anyone fire an old cap and ball flintlock type rifle it’s sounded like a cap pistol. Lately I’ve been shocked by how loud they can be when several at once are fired off by re-enactors in a semi-enclosed area. The Lighthouse on the Green is also across the street, east of the green, directly behind the Service Canada building. There’s at least one other building in between.

In the early evening we went back to enjoy ice cream and take in the view. The Lighthouse on the Green will close for the season at 6 pm on next Monday, Labour Day. We think that’s a shame. But we’ve never asked anybody if the cooks, waiters and waitresses are comprised solely of students from area schools – and we never pried into whether or not they might make enough money to justify opening earlier in the season – They now open for business after school is out for the summer – or close a bit later in the autumn.

Closeup of sculpted fish spitting streams of water into a fountain.

We thought this fountain had a very European feel to it. This is a closeup.

I should take more notes about where I shoot photographs – yes, I can go back and note where various photos that I’ve published here were taken, and then edit this later, for now this is “Somewhere on the North side of Queen Street in Fredericton.”

Fountain in Fredericton

This is the same fountain as above, with most of it visible. If I wanted to be a bit more professional here I would go back and reshoot this photo earlier in the afternoon, or wait for a cloudy day when the contrast between sunlight and shadow wouldn’t be so obvious.

Cathi looking at the fountain.

And here we have ‘my favourite spouse’ looking at the fountain with the play of sunlight and shadow in the background.

— I never thought of myself as any sort of Chamber of Commerce spokes person or as the eyes and ears of any Tourist Bureau. And frankly, the voice in my head as I sub-verbalize while composing the text here, being careful to keep this friendly and positive, scares me a little. I don’t like believing I can be ‘annoyingly optimistic’ or sound like I’ve just had my brain dipped in some kind of warm syrup, or taken a course in ‘mindless advocacy’.

— Fredericton attracts artists and thinkers. There are also politicians here, the provincial government and legislature hangs out in buildings on Queen Street. I haven’t posted any photos of Fredericton’s homeless citizens. I haven’t taken any photos of Fredericton’s homeless citizens. Last year there was a minor confrontation between young women high school students and the local school board. A local blogger accused one local policeman of going a bit farther than he should and taking himself a bit too seriously and possibly exceeding his authority and/or crossing a line between professionalism and ‘pushing people around without just cause’.

— So, not everyone in Fredericton is 100% angelic. And I can still love the place while exercising my poetic license and laughing to myself about the grammar police who would find this paragraph quite annoying. The Anal-Retentive among the grammar police have taken lately to looking down their noses at anyone who begins a sentence with the word ‘so’. And they would probably rather shoot me on sight than let me get away with beginning a sentence with ‘And’.  – insert winking faced sticker here –

~~~~~ Jim




National Novel Writing Month

November 2nd, 2013:

November is NaNoWriMo month.

Press Start
Graphic Link to NaNoWriMo Start Page.

I might not get a lot of blogging done if I’ll be chugging out at least 1600 words a day for all of November writing a nano-novel.

But then again it’s taken me 2 & 1/2 hours per night to write almost 2,500 words per night.

& because this is happening while Mercury is Retrograde, I didn’t start a brand spankin new novel, I picked one up I’d started a couple years ago and continued on with it. So far so good, the test will come on November 10th when mercury stops and then begins to move forward again, lets see if this novel can hold my interest when that happens.



Thanksgiving Dinner At Kings Landing

—October 12, 2013— King’s Landing Historical Settlement

(( On Monday, October 14, our friends in the USA will celebrate Columbus Day. In Canada, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. ))

Village in sunlight ahead.

The Village, Period Buildings Rescued and moved to “King’s Landing” where Re-Enactors in period dress don’t mind explaining their lifestyle to silly 21st Century folks. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We heard about King’s Landing Historical Settlement Near Fredericton, New Brunswick. (Not the city in the television series “Game Of Thrones” – Based on George RR Matin’s seven book series “Song of Ice and Fire”.)

Shadowed Wagon Driver and Autumn Scenery

A Wagon Driver made room for passengers and gave us a ride down the hill to the Settlement Village. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We also heard that this weekend before Canadian Thanksgiving Day would be the final weekend of this season that the theme park would be open.

—The spouse of my dreams had been to “Upper Canada Village” and wanted to see King’s Landing.

Horse Drawn Wagon with passengers.

A Local Wagon Owner is happy to give you a ride up or down the hill in the Settlement of King’s Landing.

—We realized that the King’s Head Inn was a real restaurant that actually served food, and thought we’d get a sandwich and a coffee.

Waitress in period dress serving Thanksgiving Dinner.

Properly attired women serve really good food to oddly dressed people and have the uncommon decency not to point out the fact that we are, dressed very strangely according to 19th Century eyes. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We didn’t realize that this was a real Restaurant that would serve a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. We got lucky.


Thanksgiving Dinner as served at the King’s Head Inn. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

Map (closed)

This is a Map of the Historical Settlement. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—After dinner, we didn’t have long to explore the village. But we did take a walk down beside a farmer’s fields (with a scarecrow), took a peek into the Blacksmith’s Barn, Stepped inside an authentic General Store, Had a very nice talk with a caretaker at a genuine Anglican Church, and made it back up the hill in time to buy a very nice tapestry type blanket.

Farm near river with authentic scarecrow.

This is the farm closest to the river, complete with a realistic scarecrow.

wagon and carriage and tableand chairs inside a barn

Inside the Blacksmith’s Barn. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

One side of the General Store

One wall inside the General Store. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

Another side of the General Store.

Another Wall inside the General Store. Several items appear to be hanging on a clothesline, including a portrait. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

Inside an old Anglican Church.

This is a real Anglican Church. They actually hold church services here on Sundays when the settlement is open to the public. (Photo by Cathi Harris)

—We had a surprisingly good time on a beautiful day and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner while we were at it.

Isaac’s Way

Isaac's Way Entrance "Comfort Foods with a Twist"
Isaac’s Way has a very understated presence on Queen Street.

Isaac’s Way is a restaurant you could easily miss if you were hurrying by in the street. That’s the Service Canada Building in the background. The sign says “Comfort Food / With a Twist” beneath the large letters “OPEN”.

Smiling person at a booth
Smiling Patron at a booth in Isaac’s Way.

Inside, the walls of Isaac’s Way are loaded with original works of art which have been donated to be raffled to benefit children’s art programmes.  (I haven’t shown any art work to avoid worrying about copyright issues.) Above, a happy patron at one of the booths in Isaac’s Way anticipates ‘Comfort Food with a Twist’. (The food is excellent, this is another case of everything tastes better in Fredericton.)

Entrance to Isaac's Way Restaurant
This is another view of the entrance to Isaac’s Way, another one of Fredericton’s unexpected Treasures.

The original Isaac’s Way, on Main Street, burned down in a fire several years ago.

A Lighthouse for Ice Cream?

Light House Ice Cream Vendor

This Lighthouse Sells really good Ice Cream, & fires my curiosity. What is its History?

We’ve been to this lighthouse twice for Ice Cream since we moved here. You climb to a large deck and then enter the building to select and buy your ice cream then find a table on the deck to sit and enjoy. & Right now, I’m wondering why I never asked anybody about this lighthouse’s history or significance or any of that, I just accepted the fact that Fredericton has this lighthouse that sells really good Ice Cream. There’s a facebook page:

And  the facebook page says it is a museum and will be closed until Friday. It calls itself “Lighthouse on the Green” And is at 615 Queen Street. I saw another ad that said the ice cream was home made.


Hidden Treasures

Indoor Courtyard with Pool and Hottub

The Courtyard at the Ramada Inn On the Northside may be a well kept secret.

The Indoor Courtyard at the Ramada Inn in Fredericton is quite spectacular. The Ramada Inn is on the North Side of the St John River, Just over the Princess Margaret Bridge. The address is 480 Riverside Drive. You’ll need to follow the signs to go South on Highway 105. It’s easy to get twisted around here and feel like you’re still heading North.

Ramada Inn Sign.

From the Road, The Ramada Inn looks like a thousand other Motels. The sign does mention the Courtyard and the Pool, but you could easily miss that as you’re driving.

This Ramada Inn looks like almost any other Motel or Hotel along a highway, anywhere. It would be very easy to miss the hidden treasures inside. Along with the Courtyard, the pool, the hot tub, and the weekend buffets, The motel has a whole pet friendly section welcoming travelers with pets. I think all of the pet friendly rooms have a patio on the indoor courtyard.

Indoor Courtyard with restaurant table and brick half wall.

Indoor Courtyard near the Restaurant. It would be easy to feel like you’ve been transported to New Orleans.

When the Restaurant is busy, I believe they can serve customers “out here” where it is very easy to believe you’ve been transported to New Orleans. (We will have a mention of the Restaurant and the weekend buffets on our restaurants page.)

Indoor Courtyard with Ceiling Superstructure..

There are reminders that you’re really indoors, but you almost have to look for them, especially after dark.

There is just a hint of the Koi Pond, with its realistic looking waterfall, in this photo.


Restaurants Page Added

Close up on Frank's Sign

Frank’s Sign as viewed from the entrance to the Parking Lot.

Today’s article was the first of quite a few blurbs on the various restaurants in Fredericton that we have visited. The first entry in this category was Frank’s Finer Diner, because I have a photograph of it all ready to publish here. The waiters and waitresses at Frank’s struck me as being remarkably friendly and welcoming the first time we went there. We’ve been back several times. All Restaurant articles will be grouped on a page entitled “Restaurants”.