National Novel Writing Month

November 2nd, 2013:

November is NaNoWriMo month.

Press Start
Graphic Link to NaNoWriMo Start Page.

I might not get a lot of blogging done if I’ll be chugging out at least 1600 words a day for all of November writing a nano-novel.

But then again it’s taken me 2 & 1/2 hours per night to write almost 2,500 words per night.

& because this is happening while Mercury is Retrograde, I didn’t start a brand spankin new novel, I picked one up I’d started a couple years ago and continued on with it. So far so good, the test will come on November 10th when mercury stops and then begins to move forward again, lets see if this novel can hold my interest when that happens.




Kilarney Lake

Sunday, 20 October, 2013.

park with lake and walking trail.

Kilarney Lake Park has some pet friendly walking trails.

We went looking for Kilarney Lake. It’s just up St Mary’s Street from the Smart Centre. This was on a beautiful Sunday in October, at a little after 4 pm. There were several families there, enjoying the park. On a map that was posted there we saw Walking Trails that might run from this park to Canada Street. (It’s hard to say because the map does not show whether the trails continue through a small bit of private land that separates sections of public parklands.) There were several happy dogs walking their humans on the trails here.

Park with lake and beach.

Kilarney Lake Park, looking toward the beach area and most of the lake.

Being October, no people were swimming here, (there were ducks and geese enjoying the water) but the water was clear and it looks like a wonderful place to bring kids and splash up a storm in the summer.

Kilarney Lake, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Kilarney Lake (taken with a Samsung Galaxy III ‘Smart Phone’)

From where we were standing we couldn’t get the whole lake in one photograph, but this is a pretty good portion of it. And you can see how clear the water is. My favourite spouse tested the water (with her hand) and said it was a bit on the chilly side.

Autumn Approaches

Pontoon boat on trailer, Trees beginning to turn.

Early Autumn- As the trees think about changing colours, boat owners think about keeping their boats safe at home.

With the Lighthouse closed on Mondays we snuck down to our friendly neighbourhood Dairy Queen on Main Street (Or is that Union Street there?) and brought our ice cream back to the boat launching park. The Saint John River was in a happy reflective mood and Friendly Boat Owners were guiding their craft onto trailers and preparing to take them home for the winter ahead.

Fredericton, Saint John River, Sea Gulls,Launching Area..

Gulls in a straight line formation near the boat launch area. Old Train Bridge- now a Walking Bridge, spans the reflective Saint John River. Several Buildings in the down town area are visible. Some are reflected.

We were happy to see that quite a few others were taking advantage of this beautiful evening to sit and watch the river flow, while the Gulls acted out their Sea Gull ways. Boats near the south shore kicked up a wonderful straight line wake while we were happy to relax and feel the magic of the moment.

Park, Walking trail, couple, Rocks. Early Autumn Trees.

Trees in this park on the North Side of the Saint John River are just beginning to turn. Couples of all ages take advantage of a beautiful warm evening for a quiet walk in the park.

Even the rocks seem to be happily day dreaming.

Saint John River Looking toward Westmoreland Bridge on an Early Autumn Evening.

The River looks bigger “in Real Life”. As leaves begin to turn colours, the park and all its visitors holds its (and their) breath and smile and enjoy Life and Nature’s Beauty.

At one point, on this evening, the love of my life turned to me with a smile almost too big to keep to herself and said, “I still have trouble believing we’re really here.”



Wild Life

Deer in Neighbour's Yard.

This delegate from the Welcoming Committee on Move-in-Day had four legs, & Hooves.

We’ve seen quite a few deer on our new street here. In the shadows at midnight with a white tail catching light from a street lamp through the leaves of a tree- that one looked like some kind of floating object spiralling around about three feet above the ground. This character- (above) was calmly munching on a neighbour’s grass at 8 am the day we moved in to our new house (well, new to us) my spouse thought, ‘Oh, how cool is that?’ while at least one of the movers was thinking about venison steaks.

—Walking our rather large 7 year old perennial puppy, one morning, the dog sniffed something and lunged, did not tear my arm off (but he tried) and I saw another deer hopping away when I glanced in that direction. That evening, I saw the dog become excited about something and looked up to see another deer take off  for the trees behind us, and then two more bound away with the first. I told the puppy that dogs who chase deer get in bad trouble with the local authorities, and I hope he listened… (But I’m going to keep my eyes on him, just to be sure.)

—We’ve also seen a lot of Crows around. But I see a lot of crows almost everywhere I go. On the day we left our old area we saw hawks in several places after not seeing many of them most of the time we were there. My favourite spouseling wondered if that meant something, was that a sign that we would be soaring into greater horizons? Sounds good to me.

—& We know there is other wild life around. I heard a bird song I’ve never heard before and wondered if there’s a new bird about, or do some of the birds here that I’ve become familiar with elsewhere sing in a different dialect?

—When we met our next door neighbours to the west the woman said she fed some of the deer quite often. I worried out loud that that might teach the deer that humans are their friends and if they come too close to the wrong person in the near future they might learn about gun fire and intense pain the hard way. Our neighbour told us, “Oh everyone here knows better- everyone knows I feed them.” If the deer migrate far enough, I hope they pick up on the philosophy that it isn’t good luck to let humans see you during hunting season. There are more than enough anti social deer to keep my hunter friends happy.

Hidden Treasures

Indoor Courtyard with Pool and Hottub

The Courtyard at the Ramada Inn On the Northside may be a well kept secret.

The Indoor Courtyard at the Ramada Inn in Fredericton is quite spectacular. The Ramada Inn is on the North Side of the St John River, Just over the Princess Margaret Bridge. The address is 480 Riverside Drive. You’ll need to follow the signs to go South on Highway 105. It’s easy to get twisted around here and feel like you’re still heading North.

Ramada Inn Sign.

From the Road, The Ramada Inn looks like a thousand other Motels. The sign does mention the Courtyard and the Pool, but you could easily miss that as you’re driving.

This Ramada Inn looks like almost any other Motel or Hotel along a highway, anywhere. It would be very easy to miss the hidden treasures inside. Along with the Courtyard, the pool, the hot tub, and the weekend buffets, The motel has a whole pet friendly section welcoming travelers with pets. I think all of the pet friendly rooms have a patio on the indoor courtyard.

Indoor Courtyard with restaurant table and brick half wall.

Indoor Courtyard near the Restaurant. It would be easy to feel like you’ve been transported to New Orleans.

When the Restaurant is busy, I believe they can serve customers “out here” where it is very easy to believe you’ve been transported to New Orleans. (We will have a mention of the Restaurant and the weekend buffets on our restaurants page.)

Indoor Courtyard with Ceiling Superstructure..

There are reminders that you’re really indoors, but you almost have to look for them, especially after dark.

There is just a hint of the Koi Pond, with its realistic looking waterfall, in this photo.


Parks and Pets and Boat Launch, all in the same place.

Nice Park

Park at the Boat Launch Area, North Side, Foot of Gibson Street

This is a beautiful park on the North Side of the St John River. Maybe not quite visible in the background is the old train bridge what is now a foot bridge, part of a network of a lot of walking trails around Fredericton. I haven’t found a walking trail yet that isn’t pet friendly. I haven’t met any people yet who weren’t newcomer friendly.

Same Nice Park, different Angle

Another view of the same park, more from the point of view of someone who just came ashore here, looking North and West.

These Photos were taken on September 17th, Some of the plants in the foreground are beginning  to wither. But it’s still a beautiful park.

Nice Park, Nice Flowers.

Third View of the same park, foot of Gibson Street (which turns into Canada Street a little ways up the road).

I’m almost afraid I’ll run out of storage space for the photos I want to upload here. Lets see how this goes. Above is the same park at the same boat launch area at the foot of Gibson Street, which does turn into Canada Street a bit up the road from here.