Almost Halloween @ the Northside Market

26 October, 2013.

On our second trip to the Northside Market, we had a wonderful brunch from “Brewed Awakening / Conscious Coffee”.

Then we discovered that there had  been a contest for costumed vendors.

Woman Dressed as a doll.

This costume won first prize for a vendor.

There were a lot of happy looking children there, many in costumes.

Kid Dressed as Dinosaur.

There were plenty of kids in costume. To ensure Children’s safety and anonymity, this is the only photo we’ll publish. 

—It’s sad that we feel that we can’t show lots of photos of happy kids who deserve positive attention, but we’re only publishing this one photo because the child can not be identified (or stalked, thank goodness).

—There was also a “House of Horrors” put together by one of the Vendors (Mike Henderson of E.T. Mechanical, whose Fredericton store is at 85 Sunset Drive (506) 444-4663. They specialize in Geothermal, Solar and Heat Pump systems.)

Mike announcing winners.

Mike from E.T. Mechanical seen here announcing the winners to the ‘Best Costume’ contest.

I’ll Add as many photos of the ‘House of Horrors’ below as I can fit here.


This Mummy welcomes you to his House of Horrors.

Seasonal Decorations and "Beware!"

A grave marked RIP, Pumpkins and Skulls, and Seasonal decorations around a sign that says, “Beware!”

Skeleton in Black Robes and Chains.

A Skeleton in Black Robes and Chains…

Crystal Ball, Black Cat, Rat and something Scary on a table.

Scary Character with beautiful Visitor.

“Hello Dearie, I’ve been dying to meet you-“

Skeleton in Cobwebs.

This Skeleton must have been waiting a long time for its next victim…

Candy in a  Caldron and Skulls and severed arms.. and...

“Trick or Treat-“

Candy, bones, & Pieces of Skeleton

Halloween Tricks and Treats…

Skeletal Bride and Groom.

Skeletal Bride and Groom await their Honeymoon in a dark corner.

Mascot with Mask.

Even the E.T. Mechanical Mascot had a costume…

—Sigh, we saw so many happy children enjoying themselves that we wished there were happy dress up holidays more often. We’re glad we live in a place where kids are protected and safe, and wish the world was more like this wonderful city.


Aura Natural Foods

Aura Natural Foods Flag.

Aura Natural Foods on the corner of Westmoreland Street and George Street.

Aura Natural Foods is at 199 Westmoreland Street. The have a website and at the web site they have a ‘follow us’ link to their facebook and twitter presence. ( I still have to work on getting or creating my own map so I don’t have to wake up some morning with a lawyer in my face demanding royalties for using a copyrighted map here.)

Corner of Aura Foods Store with Entrance.

This is the Aura Natural Foods entrance as seen from the corner of Westmoreland and George Streets.

I wanted to find this store since a chef at the Ramada Inn’s Restaurant told me his girl friend worked there. When I got there today I was running out of time and ran in and grabbed a box of yummy Organic Cheddar Cheese Munchies and another small item. I will undoubtedly have more to say about this store later. & I’m trying to figure out what would be the best title for a page that people who would want to find unique stores and shops would identify as their kind of link as soon as they spotted it.