Hidden Treasures

Indoor Courtyard with Pool and Hottub

The Courtyard at the Ramada Inn On the Northside may be a well kept secret.

The Indoor Courtyard at the Ramada Inn in Fredericton is quite spectacular. The Ramada Inn is on the North Side of the St John River, Just over the Princess Margaret Bridge. The address is 480 Riverside Drive. You’ll need to follow the signs to go South on Highway 105. It’s easy to get twisted around here and feel like you’re still heading North.

Ramada Inn Sign.

From the Road, The Ramada Inn looks like a thousand other Motels. The sign does mention the Courtyard and the Pool, but you could easily miss that as you’re driving.

This Ramada Inn looks like almost any other Motel or Hotel along a highway, anywhere. It would be very easy to miss the hidden treasures inside. Along with the Courtyard, the pool, the hot tub, and the weekend buffets, The motel has a whole pet friendly section welcoming travelers with pets. I think all of the pet friendly rooms have a patio on the indoor courtyard.

Indoor Courtyard with restaurant table and brick half wall.

Indoor Courtyard near the Restaurant. It would be easy to feel like you’ve been transported to New Orleans.

When the Restaurant is busy, I believe they can serve customers “out here” where it is very easy to believe you’ve been transported to New Orleans. (We will have a mention of the Restaurant and the weekend buffets on our restaurants page.)

Indoor Courtyard with Ceiling Superstructure..

There are reminders that you’re really indoors, but you almost have to look for them, especially after dark.

There is just a hint of the Koi Pond, with its realistic looking waterfall, in this photo.