Friday, 04 September, 2015 –

Friday, September 4th, 2015 -( 19˚C / 66˚F with “Scattered Clouds” @ 12:45 pm )- on Mike Piazza’s Birthday.

[ No, I’m not a baseball groupie, I’m a Virgo with silly memory retention on a lot of birthdays. -shrug- ]

Woman at a table enjoying a beautiful view of the St John River.

This is the view from the deck at the Lighthouse on the Green as of September 4th, 2015.

We recently sent a link from here to a restaurant mentioned way back when we began this blog. Then, looking at what we had started and noticing that we hadn’t posted much lately, with the possibility that we hadn’t posted anything at all since a storm named ‘Arthur’ had ravaged the area, in what? July of 2014? – um, we’ve been thinkin’ – that maybe we should take this blog/service a little more seriously.

Another view of the river from the deck.

I found it remarkable that when I was sitting there, looking out at the river, my imagination zoomed in and ‘cropped-out’ a lot of details this photo included. I was paying attention to the river and a little bit of green on both banks, with the hills to the north in the background. That rates a, “Hmmmm -” -jim-

We made two trips downtown today. Early in the day we paid a visit to Service Canada which is east of the Green where tourists can be treated by ‘Redcoats’ marching around with period rifles and listen to the re-enactors firing off loud volleys with ‘blank shots’. Most of the times I’ve heard anyone fire an old cap and ball flintlock type rifle it’s sounded like a cap pistol. Lately I’ve been shocked by how loud they can be when several at once are fired off by re-enactors in a semi-enclosed area. The Lighthouse on the Green is also across the street, east of the green, directly behind the Service Canada building. There’s at least one other building in between.

In the early evening we went back to enjoy ice cream and take in the view. The Lighthouse on the Green will close for the season at 6 pm on next Monday, Labour Day. We think that’s a shame. But we’ve never asked anybody if the cooks, waiters and waitresses are comprised solely of students from area schools – and we never pried into whether or not they might make enough money to justify opening earlier in the season – They now open for business after school is out for the summer – or close a bit later in the autumn.

Closeup of sculpted fish spitting streams of water into a fountain.

We thought this fountain had a very European feel to it. This is a closeup.

I should take more notes about where I shoot photographs – yes, I can go back and note where various photos that I’ve published here were taken, and then edit this later, for now this is “Somewhere on the North side of Queen Street in Fredericton.”

Fountain in Fredericton

This is the same fountain as above, with most of it visible. If I wanted to be a bit more professional here I would go back and reshoot this photo earlier in the afternoon, or wait for a cloudy day when the contrast between sunlight and shadow wouldn’t be so obvious.

Cathi looking at the fountain.

And here we have ‘my favourite spouse’ looking at the fountain with the play of sunlight and shadow in the background.

— I never thought of myself as any sort of Chamber of Commerce spokes person or as the eyes and ears of any Tourist Bureau. And frankly, the voice in my head as I sub-verbalize while composing the text here, being careful to keep this friendly and positive, scares me a little. I don’t like believing I can be ‘annoyingly optimistic’ or sound like I’ve just had my brain dipped in some kind of warm syrup, or taken a course in ‘mindless advocacy’.

— Fredericton attracts artists and thinkers. There are also politicians here, the provincial government and legislature hangs out in buildings on Queen Street. I haven’t posted any photos of Fredericton’s homeless citizens. I haven’t taken any photos of Fredericton’s homeless citizens. Last year there was a minor confrontation between young women high school students and the local school board. A local blogger accused one local policeman of going a bit farther than he should and taking himself a bit too seriously and possibly exceeding his authority and/or crossing a line between professionalism and ‘pushing people around without just cause’.

— So, not everyone in Fredericton is 100% angelic. And I can still love the place while exercising my poetic license and laughing to myself about the grammar police who would find this paragraph quite annoying. The Anal-Retentive among the grammar police have taken lately to looking down their noses at anyone who begins a sentence with the word ‘so’. And they would probably rather shoot me on sight than let me get away with beginning a sentence with ‘And’.  – insert winking faced sticker here –

~~~~~ Jim




Minor (?) Flooding on the Saint John River at Fredericton

Wednesday, 16 April, 2014. It was +2˚C / +37˚F @ 6:45 this morning.

We had some precipitation. Started out mostly rain with streaks of white here and there. At around 10:00 am we had what looked like a determined snow storm taking place. By 11:00 am the precipitation had pretty much blown away.

At about noon, I went to the boat launch area in the park at the south end of Gibson Street and shot the following (I hope the video loads in here okay).

Seagulls, flooded park, walking trail, snow, cars on the road.

Flooded Park, Fredericton, Northside, at the foot of Gibson Street. April 16th, 2014.

Nope, the video did not load. This is a still from the video.


National Novel Writing Month

November 2nd, 2013:

November is NaNoWriMo month.

Press Start
Graphic Link to NaNoWriMo Start Page.

I might not get a lot of blogging done if I’ll be chugging out at least 1600 words a day for all of November writing a nano-novel.

But then again it’s taken me 2 & 1/2 hours per night to write almost 2,500 words per night.

& because this is happening while Mercury is Retrograde, I didn’t start a brand spankin new novel, I picked one up I’d started a couple years ago and continued on with it. So far so good, the test will come on November 10th when mercury stops and then begins to move forward again, lets see if this novel can hold my interest when that happens.



Smart Centre

Kent Hadware, Northdside, Fredericton.

This is the Kent Hardware Store in Fredericton’s North Side.  25 Two Nations Crossing, high up a hill, At a Smart Centre.

The Smart Centre on Two Nations Crossing on the North Side is across the road from Frank’s Diner. This Large Shopping Center has 3 Big Box Stores: Kent Hardware, Canadian Tire (Which includes a section that is a Mark’s Work Warehouse) And a Walmart.

The people in the Kent Hardware store are typically warm and helpful. (Typical for warm and friendly Fredericton.) They have a very good selection of the kinds of things you’d go to a hardware store for and their prices are reasonably within the range that you’d expect them to be. (I saw some pretty good prices on wood stoves, chimneys, bathtubs and showers. We weren’t there to buy any of these things, but I noticed they had decent merchandise with decent prices.) And After we’d been in the store for a couple minutes and looked lost, one young woman who worked there came over and asked if we needed help with anything. We said, yes, as a matter of fact we did. And she led us right to what we were looking for. (This has been a reoccurring theme here. Low pressure, helpful salespeople in stores we were not familiar with.)

Canadian Tire Store in NOrth Fredericton

This is the Canadian Tire Store at 75 Two Nations Crossing In Fredericton’s North Side.

Canadian Tire also has a better than expected selection of goods in a wider variety of categories than I expected. Sales ‘associates’ here were not high pressure types and I appreciate that. The one thing that ‘bugged me’ about this store happened when I came in on a weekday afternoon on a mission to replace a watch that had just ‘given up the ghost’. After I stepped inside the Canadian Tire Store, looking for the Mark’s Work Warehouse. A young woman I expected to be helpful asked me if I wanted a chance to win $5,000.00- would I take a short survey? and steered me toward a bank of touch screen CRT Monitors, where half a dozen other customers were standing, looking confused, answering questions as they popped up. The short survey got longer with more and more questions popping up and then the touch screen wanted my name, address, phone number and email address. I tore up the chance to win the $5,000.00 and walked away feeling worse than ‘used’ ( also backed out of the point I had gotten to in this ‘survey’ and erased all my answers, or at least tried to. A two minute trip to a store had taken an extra ten minutes and felt way too intrusive to me. The Canadian Tire Store’s mechanics in the town we came from in Ontario were known by the locals to be dishonest,  and to try to convince customers that they needed more work than they actually needed, and then charge for repairs they did not make. I don’t care if the other departments in a store have wonderful people and wonderful goods and services. If they allow dishonesty and maybe even outright fraud, I don’t want to support that store at all. I have not heard anything bad about the Canadian Tire Store here in Fredericton, and I am more than willing to give the store the benefit of the doubt, or more like it, presume them honest until proven otherwise. I will still go to this particular store, for now, and happily enjoy what price breaks I can get on stuff I need.

I should probably warn you not to ask me what I think of Walmarts. I’ve known people who worked for Walmart who were ordered to punch off the clock and get back to work. And if they didn’t like that, well, they would be fired, And God help them if they needed the paycheck to support a family. And they better not believe they could get get anything from unemployment, heck they’d been fired for insubordination. And nobody would believe they had been fired without just cause. They also told me that Walmart has a policy of not hiring anybody to work full time so they don’t have to pay full time benefits. Supervisors and Managers might be allowed to work full time. To be fair, most of these horror stories happen in the USA.  One Canadian Walmart’s employees, in Quebec, voted to bring in a union to represent them. Walmart closed that store. If I can help it, I will not buy anything in a Walmart. That’s where I’m coming from.

But , wait a minute, this is Fredericton. people here are a whole lot nicer, warmer, friendlier, and probably more ethical and honest than any group of people I have lived among in the last fifty years or so… And I think I know somebody who works at this Walmart, so I will ask this person if this Walmart practices fair and reasonable policies with its employees. If so, I will report here that I was wrong to believe that any more than the one or two Walmarts that I know about (that I know for sure do not deserve a penny of my discretionary income) are built on the same cynical and unethical model.

If you don’t want to read what I have to say as I can’t help but veering off into a tirade against unethical, immoral, dishonest, overbearing corporate monsters, skip the rest of this article. I don’t like “Smart Centres” or “Smart Meters” or “Smart Appliances”.  Instead of blasting you with what I have come to believe are ‘True Conspiracies”, I would recommend a book By a Medical Doctor. Dr Sam Milham Called “Dirty Electricity”. And I’m hoping that nobody in Fredericton will ever be forced to accept a smart meter, limited to buying ‘smart’ appliances, poisoned by flouride in the water, or bullied into accepting anything they truly do not want.