The Snow (finally) Went Away – On Mothers’ Day

Thursday, May 15, 2014. 10˚C / 50˚F @ 8:00 am.

Photo of yard with stone retaining wall, trees, a bit of snow and a deer.

This was taken on Monday, May 5th, The snow near the stone wall there was the last bit to hang on. (There is a deer in the photo, can you spot it between the white birch on the far left and the first pine tree from the left side?)

The last traces of snow in our yard finally melted on Mothers’ Day (Sunday, May 11th).


Several Deer in a line atop a small hill.

Committee Meeting, May 5th, 2014

I think I’ve spotted little nubs of antlers on a couple heads as these guys continue to come around looking for oats and bread and decent foraging stuff.



Gordon Lightfoot Concert


I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take photos at the Concert, but flashes were going off all around the auditorium. And that sure looks like a face on the right side of the stage.

Blurry photo of a concert.

Blurry photo taken at Gordon Lightfoot’s Fredericton Concert, May 04, 2014. Is that a ghost from a wishing well on the right side of the stage?