Wicked Weather – Hungry Deer

Sunday, March 30th, 2014.

Snow, Ice Pellets, Freezing Rain all day.


Deer eating a piece of bread.

Hungry Deer come this close to get something to eat. Photo by Cathi Harris.

The above photo was shot through a porch window and a screen at a little after 6:30 pm. The nearest deer, the one grabbing something to eat, was about 10 feet from the woman with the camera.

For most of my life, the best view of wild deer was something like the next photo here:

Evergreens with deer behind them.

You have to look closely to see the deer through the trees. Photo by Cathi Harris.

The day we closed on our house on the north side we were greeted by a deer casually munching on a neighbour’s tree across the street, ‘in broad daylight’ at about 8:30 am.

We’ve heard reports that this year’s ‘extended winter’ has hurt the province’s deer herds.

Maybe that almost explains why we’ve seen so many deer so close to our window, looking for food, hungry enough to throw caution to the winds?

Window showing deer outside.

You can see how foggy the window was and how close the deer actually came to the porch. They got jumpy when we moved and the chair creaked. Photo by Cathi Harris.

The above is a shot of the deer searching for food last night, and includes our porch window and window sill, with a salt lamp a photo, a jar and a couple other things.

One thing we’ve noticed this winter, is that a very white deer comes around with this herd. There is also a partially white deer that one neighbour believes might be the child of the all white deer. We have had a heck of a time trying to get a decent photo of the white deer, who blends in too nicely with snowy backgrounds. And, the deer rarely come around in groups larger than four individuals at a time. We have had hints that more of them might be lurking back in the trees. Prey animals need to be cautious to survive, but look at this:

Several deer walking atop a slight ridge in the snow.

The white deer is closer and easier to photograph than ever before. Orange and white lights in the photo are indoor lights reflected in the porch window. Photo by Cathi Harris.

A larger portion of the herd came out in the freezing rain and ice pellets this evening than I’ve ever seen.


Deer under the branches of an evergreen.

This photo shows quite a few deer clustered beneath a tree during a freezing rain event. Photo by Cathi Harris.

Like I said, more of the herd was visible tonight than ever before.

And I should finish with one more photo, all photos taken by Cathi Harris.

Deer under tree and on the ridge.

The odd lights in the photo are reflections in the porch window. Photo by Cathi Harris.

We’ve come to appreciate this herd of deer and often jump for our cameras when they’re near. After a tough day of digging our snow blower out of an inch of ice in the shed, and fighting snow and ice to clear the driveway more than once, This view of the deer was a welcome highlight.

—Even if we’re supposed to get more freezing rain, ice pellets and snow tomorrow.

~~~~~ Jim